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Your Councillors

Your Parish Councillors

E mail
'Mardon', Chidham Lane,
Chidham PO18 8TQ
62, Maybush Drive,
Chidham PO18 8SS
'West Weald', Broad Road,
Hambrook PO18 8RF
2, Old Manor Farm Cottages, Cot Lane, Chidham PO18 8SX
Those of you who knew him will be sorry to hear that Barry died on Dec 20th 2016 after feeling unwell on Dec 18th.
28, The Avenue
Hambrook  PO18 8TY
573 832
62, Maybush Drive,
Chidham PO18 8SS
'Blue Hayes' Main Rd Nutbourne, PO18 8RN
3, Hamstead Meadow, Chidham, PO18 8TJ
1, Chidham Lane,
Chidham, PO18 8TL
Parish Clerk
Caroline Davison Rymans Cottage, Appledram Lane South,
Apuldram, PO20 7EG
07879 309604
David Siggs 28 Langdale Avenue, Chichester, PO19 8JQ 01243
retired April 2016
Working Groups 2015/16
The Parish Council Working Groups have the following membership:
Cllr Archer - Convener
Cllrs Hyde, Littlefield,
Finance and General Purposes
Cllrs Archer,, Collins, Hyde,
Leighton, Towers and MacDougall
Drainage and Footpath
Cllrs Sheppard, Cecil, Littlefield, Collins, and Archer.. Robin Yeld (Co-opted Advisor and Parish Ditch Warden).
Neighbourhood Plan :
Cllr Collins (Convenor), Cllrs Littlefield, MacDougall Cecil, Wilkinson.
The Working Group also has members who are not Parish Councillors.
Parish Plan Implementation
In abeyance
Representative on Maybush Copse Management Committee
Cllr Cecil

Representatives to Bournes Forum and Association of Local Councils
Cllrs Archer, Collins
Editor of Parish Council Newsletter
Cllr Collins    
Responsible Financial Officer
The Parish Clerk

Cliff Archer

Stephanie Cecil

Andy Collins

Geoffrey Hyde

Barry Leighton

Ina Littlefield

Philip MacDougall

Jacky Sheppard

Jane Towers

Linda Wilkinson

Parish Council meetings are held in Chidham & Hambrook Village Hall at 7.00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, excepting Bank Holidays, when the meeting is on the second Thursday in the month.

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